Outside In – Ceramic explorations by Tatty K

Outside In: bringing nature inside. Ceramic explorations by Tatty K. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Tania has played with clay in unlikely ways. Some ceramics are hung, some have ants trapped on the functional surfaces, a few have unpredictable glazes or surfaces, some are functional sculptures and all have narrative about natural balance. Subjects include the crucial role of native pollinators, scaled up (often unnoticed) small insects or objects and a nested bowl set depicting metamorphosis.

“I have spent a lot of my childhood and adult adventures in natural environments, so the beauty of nature always reappears in my work, especially as colour, texture, form, composition and shape. I am also inspired by stories (love, loss, overcoming adversity, community, personal, shared). Often these themes are sharpened or refined throughout the creative process, during experimentation and whilst overcoming technical challenges.”

Tania Kunze aka Tatty K